Hospital Isolated Power Supply

The medical IT system  insulation monitoring device and fault location system is mainly used in important Class 2 medical locations such as operating room, ICU/CCU intensive care unit, providing safe, 

reliable and continuous power distribution for the important equipment at these locations.

The products can realize the real-time monitoring of insulation, load and temperature of isolation transformer in IT system, and have the functions of system insulation fault loop positioning and centralized 

monitoring by multiple pieces of systems. 

Products are certificated with IEC 61326,IEC61557,IEC61000 and CE by TUV.

Product Description

AITR series medical isolation transformerisolation power transformer.png
  • Double insulation treatment

  • With PT temperature montoring temperature directly    
  •  Capacity:3.15kVA,5kVA,6.3kVA,8kVA,10kVA(no 4KVA)   
  •  CE approval

medical insulation monitoring device.JPG

AIM-M200 medical insulation monitoring device
  • Real-time insulation monitoring,overload monitoring,over temp monitoring,

    wiring status monitoring and fault alarm output

  • Communication:RTU RS485 and CAN bus    
  • DC9V to 36V    
  • 2 relay ouput    
  • CE and IEC approval    

medical insulation monitor device.png

ASG150 test signal generator

test signal generator.png

  • Power supply:DC 24V

  • Communication:CAN Bus     
  •  Can indicate fault location online L1/L2
  • Location voltage below 12V,current below 1mA(peak value)   
  •  CE and IEC61557 approval    

test signal generator.png

insulation fault locator.pngAIL150-4 or AIL150-8 insulation fault locator
  • Power supply: DC24V
  • Communication:CAN Bus    
  • Can locate 4 or 8 circuits,max up to 24 circuits    
  • Matching resistance function

insulation fault locator for hospital.png

AID150 centralized remote alarm indicator

audible and visual remote alarm indicator.png

  • Wall mounted or panel installaion

  • Can real-time monitor data of insulation monitor device,and  monitor  up to 16 insulation monitor devices

  • Audible and visual alarm  

  • Communication:RS485    

  • Power supply:DC 24V    

remote alarm indicator.png


dc power supply.png

HDR-60-24 regulated power supply

  • AC220V input, DC24V output, with max output power of 60W

  • Supply DC24V power supply for insulation monitor device,test signal  generator,fault locator and remote indicator   

AKH-0.66P26 current transformer

  • Max current 60A,current ratio 

  • Transformation change ratio is 2000:1    

current transformer.png


installation picture.jpg


AITR series medical isolation transformer

AIM-M200 medical insulation monitoring device

ASG150 test signal generator,AIL150-4 or AIL150-8 insulation fault locator

HDR-60-24 regulated power supply

AKH-0.66P26 current transformer