Type of Measurement

Multiple data measurement
4 quadrant energy
Multi-tariff energy
Temperature measurement of the meter

Power Quality Analysis

Unbalance of current, line voltage and phase voltage 
Phase angle of current and voltage
Total harmonic content of voltage and current(odd and even)
Individual harmonic of current and voltage(Up to the 63rd) 
Voltage crest factor  
Telephone waveform factor 
Current K factor
 Waveform of current and voltage
 Fundamental wave of current and voltage 

Extended Functions

MD82:8 DI plus 2DO

MLOG:TF card storage(alarm records,SOE,electrical parameters,energy timing records,etc.)

MA84:8 AI(class 0.5) plus 4 AO(class 0.5)

MCM:1 RS485 Modbus-RTU,support master or slave mode

MCP:1 Profibus-DP(MCM function can be added if MCP function is configured)

MCE:1 Ethernet,support Modbus-TCP,http,SMTP and DHCP(MCM can be added if MCE is configured) 

Power and Energy Metering Solutions

Type of Measurement

Active and reactive kWh (positive and negative)
A, B, C phase positive active kWh
Active pulse output
Alarm on voltage loss and over voltage
Infrared communication

Optional Functions

Communication:1xRS485 Modbus-RTU or 2xRS485 Modbus-RTU
Support 3 outlay NTC temperature 

Clock pulse output
Multi-tariff energy:
2~31ST Voltage and current harmonic
Reactive pulse output


IEC  approval
CE   approval

Energy Management


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