Main Functions

In medical locations, all efforts are focused on the patients and their recovery. Even a brief power failure can jeopardise successful diagnostics and treatment and therefore the health of the patient. For this reason, the requirements for power supply reliability are very exacting.ACREL medical insulation monitoring and fault location system takes all measures to improve the power supply in medical locations and is the perfect solution in the healthcare system.

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1)Primary connection diagram and field distribution display

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2)Real-time data acquisition and display

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3)Fault Alarm

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4)Remote parameter setting and inquiry

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5)Graphic display

Display the insulation status, load status, and the isolation transformer temperature of each set of isolated power systems in graph form.

Product Selection

1) AITR Series Medical isolation transformer

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  • Double insulation treatment

  • PT temperature monitoring 

  • Capacity:3.15kVA,5kVA,6.3kVA,8kVA,10kVA(no 4KVA)

  • CE approval

2AIM-M200 Medical Insulation Monitor

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  • Real-time monitoring of insulation,overload,over temperature,wiring status and fault alarm output

  • Communication: 1 RS485 and 1 CAN

  • 2 relay output(alarm and fan)

  • CE and IEC approval

3ASG150 Test Signal Generator

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  • DC 24V power supply

  • CAN Bus

  • Fault location online L1/L2

  • CE and IEC61557 approval

4AIL150-8 or AIL150-4 Medical Insulation Fault Locator

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  • DC 24V power supply

  • CAN Bus

  • 4 or 8 channel fault locations,up to 24 circuits in 1 system

  • Integrated measuring current transformers

  • CE and IEC 61557-9

5AID150 Remote Alarm Indicator

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  • Wall mounted or panel installation

  • Monitoring data of up to 16 insulation monitoring device

  • Audible and visual alarm

  • RS485 Modbus RTU

  • 24V power supply

6HDR-60-24 DC power supply

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  • AC220V input, DC24V output, with max output power of 60W

  • Supply DC24V voltage for insulation monitor device,test signal generator,fault locator and remote indicator

7AKH-0.66P26 current transformer

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  • Max current 60A,current ratio 

  • Transformation change ratio is 2000:1

Medical Isolation Power Supply System